Arbonne product review1

Arbonne product review

I’m going to cut straight to the chase here, I’ve been using Arbonne products for 6 months on and off. However, since the beginning of May I have been using them daily and I have to be honest and say I really do like them! Like a LOT! 🙂

People buy products recommended by people they trust. We also buy products based on the experience with a brand, whether that be their marketing or the packaging or reviews from (once again) people we trust. So if you’re reading my blog I think it’s safe to assume you probably know & trust me. You trust that I have used a product or service I share/promote/sell. If this is your first time here, welcome and I hope you’ll grow to trust me. If you’ve been following me on Instagram for a while, you’ll also know I am all about openness, honestly and saying it how it is.

So with all that said, here are my honest thoughts on some of the products I have been using recently…

arbonne product review


Rescue & renew detox oilI received this product for free in my Christmas order actually; I put it under my bathroom sink and completely forgot about it! Oops! Until I was cleaning under my sink and found it… and tried it! What a great product!

The fragrance is really lovely and I love how soft and moisturised my skin feels after applying it. I apply straight after my shower to my legs, arms & chest. It doesn’t make your clothes oily which I love and my skin absorbs it quickly. Maybe my skin is just dehydrated lol but my skin loves it! I also love applying after being in the sun as the sun dehydrates the skin and this oil does the exact opposite!


Speaks volume mascaraI have sensitive eyes so I have to be super careful when selecting mascaras. I decided to try this one as it’s suitable and Arbonne has stood up to their statement. It has a long thin brush for applying so I can get mascara down to the base of my lashes which helps give them more volume (just as it says on the box)!

The mascara isn’t waterproof which suits me and it comes off easily with micellar water. It only comes in black but I don’t think this is a negative as most people I know wear black.


Derm results soft focus veilTinted sunscreen anybody? Yes please from me! We should all be applying sunscreen to our face daily to prevent aging and sun damage (start getting your kids into the habit from young). What I love about this product is the broad spectrum SPF 30, the fact that it is tinted and goes on easily.

It comes in 1 colour tint and blends into most skin tones (but if you buy it, don’t like it, you can send it back within 90 days for a full refund! Like wow! Show me another company that does this! And it’s for ALL their products!) Ok back to the product, lol. I also love that it leaves your skin with a gentle glow… almost dewy… it’s brilliant!

I sometimes wear it on it’s own or under my foundation. Works both ways. Great addition to my summer face routine!

Do you want me to review any Arbonne products for you? I will be doing more reviews of products I try but am open to recommendations from you.

Much love xxx





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