Baby prepping

What does baby prepping mean to you? To me it means, not only getting the nursery ready, ensuring you have enough nappies, wipes, etc to get your through the first few days and ensuring your hospital bag is packed and ready, it also means taking time for yourself when you can. Tristan is at school … Continue reading Baby prepping

The Wonder Weeks

Ever heard of or used The Wonder Weeks app? When I had Tristan I used this amazing & very insightful app to help us know when things would be a little tougher (than normal) and what to expect and, most importantly, why he was more needy, requiring more comfort and feeding. What does it cost? … Continue reading The Wonder Weeks

Mom 2 boys

So last night I couldn't sleep. I'm going to be a mom to 2 boys and there's a small part of me that's sad & disappointed that I'm not having a girl. Now before you go all crazy on my arse about not being grateful that I'm pregnant bla bla bla, let me just say … Continue reading Mom 2 boys