Change is big

Change is big! Moving is one of the toughest thing a family can go through. A move to a different city adds another layer to that. Whilst moving internationally, well that's just a whole other dimension. Since January the kids have moved city (and home obviously), started at new schools, had to make new friends … Continue reading Change is big

The Wonder Weeks

Ever heard of or used The Wonder Weeks app? When I had Tristan I used this amazing & very insightful app to help us know when things would be a little tougher (than normal) and what to expect and, most importantly, why he was more needy, requiring more comfort and feeding. What does it cost? … Continue reading The Wonder Weeks

My anxieties

I decided not to take the clomid again. I'm waiting for an appointment confirmation with my psychologist. My mental health & wellbeing is more important and this whole situation is driving me dilly. But I've got real concerns about having a second baby and it appears I'm not alone. I did some googling last night … Continue reading My anxieties