When we bought Tristan home from the hospital he spent the first few nights, in a moses basket, next to my bed. Pretty quickly we realised newborns make a LOT of noise when they sleep and my husband was struggling to sleep through that and me constantly getting up to feed, burp, change nappy so Tristan and I moved to his room. Him still in the moses basket and me in the bed. Eventually he moved to his cot and I moved back to my bed. Happy days. It was the way I’d wanted it to work. And it did, until he was around 1,5 years old.
Around that time Tristan got sick & was teething badly so he moved into my bed. I was waking up almost every hour for a week that it was just a logical move. Hubby moved to the spare room and that’s how it’s remained TO THIS DAY!

Shaun works crazy hours. He works from home (you can read about our family life here) and often until 3 or 4am so being woken by Tristan and myself at 6 or 7am means he would be getting about 3 hours of sleep a night; not cool and it’s not fair for him.
So Tristan and I sleep in the master bedroom and Shaun sleeps in the guest room and it works for us. Although I do miss sleeping next to hubby I know it’s just a phase and it will change when the kids are older. I must admit to loving waking up next to Tristan; he loves to cuddle with me!

But, I want to move Tristan back to his bed before a new baby comes. I’m not pregnant yet but I hope I will be within the next few months which means by middle of next year Tristan needs to be back in his room. It won’t work for me to share my bed with Tristan AND a newborn. I don’t want Tristan to feel like he’s being kicked out of my bed to make space for a new baby; he will have enough to deal with as it is. So I guess I’m trying to find the best way to move Tristan back to his room by the end of the year.

He chose his own linen for his bed, we’ve put up pictures he likes and bought a toy box so he can keep his toys in his room. He’s happy to play in his room but when it comes to sleep he won’t do it. To the point that he fell asleep in the car one day so I decided to put him in his room but as I was laying him down in the bed, he woke up, looked around and started crying saying that he would only sleep in my bed. Hectic!

I would welcome any suggestions on how I can encourage him to want to sleep in his room as opposed to sleeping in my bed. I would like a few months sleeping next to hubby before number 2 arrives and we’re back to square 1!

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