Feeling inspired!

Feeling inspired!. Went to a meet up group today of female entrepreneurs and it was amazing with a capital A! I just loved hearing about everyone’s business and each one was able to ask a question which we could all offer answers / solutions to and it was great! It made me realize just how passionate I am about my business, Southey Travel, and how I really want to take serious action to get it up and running. But that poses a problem because I actually don’t know which direction to turn to first. So I’ve decided it is time to get the guidance of a professional in the form of a coach!

It’s a case of the chicken and the egg; you can’t have an egg without a chicken but you can’t have a chicken without an egg! I don’t have money to spend on the business without having clients booking trips, however, I won’t get clients unless I align the business with my vision.

Since picking up T from school and putting him down for his nap, I’ve been looking for the services of a business coach who will be the right fit for me. Things I want help with are:

  • help me define my target market
  • update my website to match this market
  • tidy up my social media branches, i.e. are they all necessary
  • choose the correct marketing avenue for my target market

Everyone on the Facebook group I’m part of has suggested one woman so I’ve dropped her a message and hope to hear back from her soon so I can put together a price plan for this and get a move on it! I don’t want to lose this momentum.

I want my business to do well because I want to feel like more than just a mom, it’s important for me. I want to be able to contribute to our family financially, it’ll be peanuts in comparison to what S contributes (he does it all and then some!) and I want ME money, I want to be able to offer to pay for a meal when we go out, I want to be able to buy something for S and he’s not actually buying it himself because I just used my credit card on his account, you see where I’m going with this? I love travel and the work I do I just want more of it!

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