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Free self care ideas for mums

As mums we all know how easily we forget about ourselves and put all our attention and effort into our family members. Self care literally goes out the window as soon as our normal schedule / routine is disrupted so I’ve shared some free self care ideas for mums.

Free self care ideas for mums

  1. Go for a walk. Going for a walk in nature is so calming and somehow can feel so indulgent. Whether it’s the forest, along the river or besides the ocean going for a walk is a great self care activity
  2. Read a book – Kindle, library or buy a book, the opportunities are endless. You could even visit a bookstore that has a coffee shop inside and you have a double whammy of self-care time.
  3. Self care bathListen to a podcast. The internet has endless options to choose between; from a short 20 minute podcast to more in-depth ones that can last a few hours you will definitely find something to listen to.
  4. Make your favourite meal when it’s just you at home, maybe when the kids are at school/nursery and enjoy it without interruptions or someone trying to steal food off your plate. Pure bliss!
  5. Journal. Whether it is writing down what you’re thankful for today or just doodling this quiet time is such a lovely act of self-care
  6. Listen to your favourite music and dance around
  7. Do a YouTube yoga workout or guided meditation
  8. Have a nap. We can never get back all the sleep we’ve lost to our little human creations, but having a nap in the day is so restorative and indulgent
  9. Grab a hot chocolate, a blanket and turn on your favourite TV show or movie and just enjoy. It’s that simple
  10. Bake something delicious. And lick the bowl all by yourself! The smell of something baking in my kitchen is so lovely and brings me so much joy

Much love xxx

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