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Lapland UK

Letter posting in Lapland UK Visiting Lapland has always been a dream of mine. Many years ago, when I worked in outbound incentive travel (in South Africa) I sent an incentive group to Lapland Finland. I unfortunately missed travelling with the group so once we were in the UK and I discovered Lapland UK I was determined to go!

I tried to book last year, but due to its massive popularity, it wasn’t to be. However I signed up to their mailing list and once again didn’t get tickets as soon as they were released for 2022. But a few weeks ago I received an email from Lapland UK informing me they had tickets available so I sat trying for about 2 hours and was finally successful!

We had the most magical time and have shared my top Lapland UK tips below for anyone going for the first time.

Lapland runs from 12 November until 24 December this year with various times throughout the day. We loved our 5:30pm slot as it was dark and personally, I feel more magical than a daytime slot. You can find out all you need to know on their website such as what to wear, how long it takes, etc.

Father Christmas meeting in Lapland UKLapland UK tips

  1. Feed your children before going. we had a 5:30pm booking and the kids were starving by the time we made it to the elf village where you can buy food.
  2. Invitation. Open it before your kids do as there’s a booklet inside that is for parents eyes only
  3. Extra invitation box. everything in 1 box so in hindsight 1 invitation boxes weren’t necessary
  4. Pre-purchase Jingles; the kids think it’s been given to them by Father Christmas and protect it with their lives! (Jingles is Lapland money)
  5. Save money for the last gift shop; it’s after you’ve seen Father Christmas. Spoiler alert here but he gives each child a husky cuddly toy and they will want to buy it a bed, blanket, lead etc so that’s right at the end.
  6. As part of each child ticket, they get given a toy to take home that, for them is a surprise and you are given it at the end. So between parents distract the kids when you collect it so they don’t notice. It’s tough but allowing them to buy things in the last shop and getting a large brown paper bag to carry everything helps when you’re given a second brown paper bag with said surprise toys

Much love xxx

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