Letter to my son

A letter to  my son, Tristan.

My dearest first born, Tristan!

There is so much I want to tell you but that’s why I started this blog. I hope one day you will sit down and read all the entries and be thankful I kept all these memories for you. I also hope that it helps you understand that being a parent isn’t all roses & unicorns (like some people make it out to be), it’s real and it’s hard but it’s amazing!
I dream that your wife will want to read these stories about you growing up. I know I love listening to stories your granny tells about when your dad was growing up. In fact, just today we found a letter from your grandpa (who passed away before I even met your dad) to your dad. It’s so special and we only appreciate it once we are grown up and parents ourselves.

Anyway, onto the reason for this post. Here are a few things I want you to know…

1. I fell in love with your father the first moment we locked eyes.
2. Although I suffered from severe PND I loved you fiercely from the moment you were born and think that’s why I struggled so. I wanted everything to be perfect for you.
3. You have the most beautiful manners, even at just 2,5 years old. People are always complimenting me on how polite you are. I hope you will always have such wonderful manners as manners maketh the man.
4. Your dad and I try and give you everything (within reason) we can so that you can live your best life.
5. Treat women with respect & kindness. Your dad is an excellent example; watch and learn my boy
6. Never stop being true to yourself. I’ve noticed, even from such a young age, you know what you want & don’t want and you’re not really willing to settle for anything less than that. Hold onto that, it will hold you in good stead through your life.
7. Always kiss & hug your mom & dad. I know one day you’ll be totally embarrassed to show such public displays of affection, but physical contact is such a human necessity. We all need & crave it; and moms & dads love cuddles from their children, no matter how old!
8. Respect your grandparents. They can tell you wonderful stories and have wisdom to share with you. Listen, visit and enjoy their company. One day they will be gone and you will suddenly realise you didn’t spend enough time with them.
9. Travel! As much and as often as you can. The world is vast & there is so much to see and do. Just do it. Memories are more important than material items.
10. When you get married; don’t forget about your old mom & dad! I know that men gravitate towards the wifes’ family and I understand that. But pick up the phone and say hi once a week. It takes just a few minutes and it will bring us such joy.
11. Keep things; it’s wonderful to look back on your childhood and reminisce with your wife & children.

Stay true to yourself my precious boy. And remember, your dad & I love you with all that we are.
Your loving mom xxx

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