No more nappies!

Last night we decided to give Tristan the opportunity to try and sleep without a nappy, and he rocked it!
When he started at school this year, being the youngest in his class by a few months, he was still wearing nappies all the time. As many of the other children in his class started using the toilet he joined in and it wasn’t long before his teacher told me to just take off his nappy for day time. We did and he maybe had 5 accidents. He would still wear a nappy for his afternoon nap & night time but pretty soon he dropped his nap time nappy and was just using them at night.

About 4 months ago I started to monitor how often he woke in the morning with a dry nappy and we noticed that it was way more often than not! About a month ago he started asking for no nappy at night but I hadn’t bought waterproof sheets yet so didn’t want to risk him wetting the bed.
This week I went to Mr P Home and bought 2 waterproof sheets for his bed and yesterday we put them on. Tristan was so keen to help as he knew that it meant he could now sleep without a nappy.
Why 2 I hear you ask? Well you layer them so that if he has an accident in the night you whip off that top sheet and it’s all dry underneath and he can go back to sleep and should he have a second accident the same night you’ve still got protection.

It all feels very bittersweet. On one hand I am so proud of him for not having to wear nappies anymore because he’s growing up and able to control his bladder, but on the other hand it’s a huge milestone and one that pretty much signals the end of his baby years. And let’s just take a moment to remember he’s not even 3 years old yet!!! My little baby is growing up into a little boy! Time truly does fly!

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