Ramblings from my mind…

Ramblings from my mind. So I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about things, well particularly me and my (unmoving) post baby weight.

It’s not shifting no matter what I do. I eat right, exercise and it stays the same. I still weigh the same I did over 2 years ago when I had Tristan.

Yes I lost it all within 3 months but that was down to my PND and even though it stayed undiagnosed another 11 months, I slowly started piling the weight on. And have never lost it again.

This evening I asked Tristan if he still loves me even though I’m fat and he obviously said yes ? and Shaun obviously says the same but it’s more about me loving and accepting myself.

So the point of these ramblings? I guess what I’m getting at is I need to accept myself the way I am now. I’ve been this size so long I know it’s not changing no matter what I do so I have to accept it. But why is it so difficult to accept myself the way I am? Accept that I’m still me inside.

I’m trying to do daily acts of gratitude for myself and my life and I want to try and include being more grateful for the body I have just the way I am.

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