A family holiday

A family holiday. I’m writing this as we are 10 days into our 17 day family holiday. I’m lying in bed at Oceana Beach & Wildlife Reserve next to hubby and T is sleeping in his bed a few meters away from me. What a magical time we’ve had thus far. I’ll post more on the actual trip another time but I just wanted to capture a few things I’ve learnt whilst on holiday. Firstly, Tristan has been a superstar! Literally. He’s travelled so well; we have done lots of driving and he’s been brilliant. Yes he got niggly after sitting down for so long but on the whole he’s been so good. He’s also been so easy and well behaved. I have to remind myself (and Shaun) that he’s actually still not even 2 years old! He’s tried new foods, been looked after by strangers, had his routine completely disrupted and so much more and he’s handled it, on the whole, like a champ!

When we were on the farm he even was so tired from all the activity that he was sleeping twice a day! On the days we’ve been traveling in the car, he’s only slept once and that’s been tough but we’ve all managed just fine and make it through ok.

This time away as a family has been so amazing. Tristan has just loved having Shaun around all the time to play with him and they are so cute together. I have also loved seeing all these amazing properties both for my personal and business experience. I can’t wait to start writing my blogs about it all.

Will write my full blog about it all soon. Night all <3 *feeling blessed*


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