Friday 27 October

Friday 27 October, So I’m actually writing this entry on 1st November because we’ve been away on an amazing family  holiday around the Eastern Cape, but I needed to capture this blog so here goes…

Last night around 1am I heard Tristan walking through to our room (we were staying at Kariega Game Reserve, main lodge) so I got up to pick him up and put him back to bed. But he was freezing. It was raining and our chalet was an ice block. So I climbed into bed with him hoping he’d fall back to sleep and i could return to my bed but his bed was also freezing so I decided to get my pillow and sleep with him to keep him warm. It was not the best nights sleep as we were sharing a single bed but it was super special as it’s not something I’ve ever really done. To feel his little body next to mine and when he started waking in the morning he started snuggling into my arms. Happy heart! <3

He actually ended up spending the next 2 nights in my bed as well. We stayed in a self-catering cottage in Plett and the place was too big and I was worried of him waking up so far away from us. So I ended up sleeping in bed with him. It was so special and definitely something I’ll do again!


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