Baby prepping

What does baby prepping mean to you? To me it means, not only getting the nursery ready, ensuring you have enough nappies, wipes, etc to get your through the first few days and ensuring your hospital bag is packed and ready, it also means taking time for yourself when you can.

Tristan is at school from 8:30am until I fetch him around 3pm so that means I have a lot of time to take care of me. As we all know, these last few weeks of pregnancy are firstly the longest (1 week feels like 1 month) and the most uncomfortable. Sleeping is a challenge, if you sleep at all. Doing pretty much anything is difficult as you have this rather large, unbendable beachball in front of you which enjoys kicking you. Don’t get me wrong, I love being pregnant and am blessed to have easy uncomplicated pregnancies but it’s still tough some days.

Me time

So this week I’ve been coming home from the school run, hopping back into my pajamas and my bed to watch some TV, read my book or just rest. I’ve also been enjoying long, warm baths with no interruptions from a little people wanting to climb in with me. I’ve had my hair, nails & toes done. I really should be having a nap daily but time seems to run away with me and suddenly it’s time to fetch Tristan but I have a few more days so I am going to try nap as well.

Ticking items off my to do list

I have also made time to buy birthday gifts & Fathers Day gifts and cards so that, in those first few weeks I don’t have to stress about getting to a shop & thinking about what to buy. It makes me feel more at ease knowing I’ve ticked those items off the to do list. Baby prepping also involves making sure we have things in the house for Tristan to eat or a quick meal if no one feels like cooking.

Now what?

So now, with 1 week left (literally 7 nights) I am going to just relax, get plenty of rest and spend quality time with Shaun & Tristan.

What do you do to make sure you’re ready before baby arrives?

Much love xxx

2 thoughts on “Baby prepping

  1. Michele says:

    My prep for Ava is still so fresh in my memory. My last few days were filled with prayers and checklists. I only had a day to prepare for my c-section. My angel was enjoying her mom’s womb too much to come on her own. Feels like yesterday. I wish you strength and all of the best with your new bundle of joy. ❤️

    • Suburban Cape Town Mom says:

      Thanks for the message Michele! I’m savouring quiet mornings and alone time while I can.

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