The Wonder Weeks

Ever heard of or used The Wonder Weeks app? When I had Tristan I used this amazing & very insightful app to help us know when things would be a little tougher (than normal) and what to expect and, most importantly, why he was more needy, requiring more comfort and feeding.

What does it cost?

The Wonder Weeks app is available on both the Google Play and Apple stores. For Apple users it cost $2.99 (approximately R43) and Google users will pay about R50.

How does it work?

So you have to enter your DUE date, not the date baby was born but the due date as calculated from first day of last period + 40 weeks. This is because our child’s development is based on full term gestation. Once you’ve done that it will then lay out your childs chart (you can select to view by number of weeks or dates) for when they will go through a leap.

What is a leap?

A leap comprises of a growth spurt (they will usually want to feed more during this time and it is usually super exhausting, especially for the breastfeeding mom as baby wants to be attached to a boob basically all the time), mental development and gaining a new skill. With the mental development, baby usually becomes clingy, cranky and cries a lot more. So basically you can see that, when baby goes through a leap it’s tough on everybody. We as adults take it for granted that you need to learn new things but for our babes it can be scary and all they want & need is our comfort & love.

There are a total of 10 leaps made over a period of 75 weeks (remember there are 52 weeks in a year so that’s a long time) that are documented in the app.

My final thoughts

Yes I believe there is too much information for us out there; our mothers just got on with it with no prior knowledge or understanding of what we were going through. If I had my way most of the literature would be banned as it just confuses us and, often, makes us feel inadequate. But, I do believe this app provides great insight into our little ones and what they go through learning about this world they inhabit.

PS did you know they also do a Wonder Weeks Sleep app? I’ve just downloaded it and am sure it will come in handy with all the white noise, etc it has available.

Much love xxx

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