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Fat mom slim series: Amber Wolchuk

Fat mom slim series Amber Wolchuk

Meet AmberHello everyone my name is Amber, I am 29yrs old and a mom to 2 amazingly crazy beautiful kids.
Throughout my life, even as a kid I have struggled with my weight and have been on every diet I can possibly think of, but I seem to have found my thing over the years with moving more and eating less and Banting.

When I had both kids I was about 77kgs and I ballooned to 101kgs when I gave birth but it has driven me to keep fighting not necessarily for that perfect body but a happy slim-ish healthy body, I hope my words can inspire some to do the same 🙂

What was the catalyst for starting your weight loss journey?

The reason I wanted to start my weight loss journey was like, I suppose every woman ‘to look like that girl you see on calendars’ but I had also just had my 1st born baby and was feeling so yuk about how I looked so I tried normal things that I suppose I was taught when I was younger.

What did you start to change first?

I decided to make the change in 2015 in the October, my body was fully healed after having a c-section. I decided to give Banting a go after my mom recommend it to me.

Did you use any apps to help keep track of what you were eating?

Oh totally! My fitness pal was my number 1. As well as weighing absolutely everything DRIVEN WAS MY NAME lol.

What does a typical day of food look like for you now vs before?

Before I used to have cereal or chocolate for breakfast. Lunch I’d usually have some bread with a filling or a take away or if I was working what ever was around in the kitchen.  And cold drink most days.

Amber progress picturesToday I have eggs, bacon, yoghurt and sometimes toast. Lunch I have chicken or mince with some greens of any kind and a nice helping of cream cheese (I freaking love the stuff) and dinner I have what everyone else is having minus the refined carbs, like tonight everyone had spaghetti bolognese and I had the mince with gems quash and yep… Cream cheese.

Sparkling water is also my absolute fav!

Tell us about what exercise you do, when, where and how often

I like to try exercise 3 days a week but I don’t always get it right but I also walk over 10000 steps a day at work, I like the gym environment so Virgin Active is my place for an ass whooping.
If I can make a spin class I do, I LOVE SPINNING! Otherwise I try improve my running stamina and also do some interval training.

How have you fitted this is with your busy life as a mum?

I’m still trying to figure this out as I go, I try make some food in advance for myself so I can grab and go when I need to like (boiled eggs, ready made chia pudding etc..)

Do you use any shakes or supplements?

No not at all, I have tried the ‘ensure’ diet a few years back when you just drink ensure for all your meals and only eat 1 real meal a week but gosh it’s hard and very unsustainable, plus all the weight comes back in a snap!

When do you find it hardest to stay on track?

I find it the hardest on a weekend when I’m at home by myself with the kids as all they want is food food and more food. And at work as I am a chef and there’s buckets of food around and having to taste all the time, but I’ll admit I have learnt to only taste and not eat.

What do you love most about your new lifestyle?

I love the fact that it is a LIFESTYLE and not a DIET because that word has no many negative connotations to it… I like that it can be sustained while enjoying good food and not feeling super deprived.

What are your top tips for other moms trying to lose weight & get fitter?

I think my top tips are:

  • shit takes time so there’s no rush; baby steps
  • try changing one thing at a time (switch from white pasta to whole wheat… Drop your portion size by a third… Stop when you feel full)
  • have the unspoken about chocolate… But sensibly, 70% lindt is great and once or twice a week; 2 blocks should help.
  • carry snacks with you like nuts
  • don’t finish your kids plates… Most of us moms do it quite often without thinking but it’s just unwanted calories.
  • start off with taking some walks and improve the distance week after week.
  • park far away from the shops when you park the little walk will do you good.

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