We spend our early adult years doing everything we can to avoid getting pregnant, then we get married and suddenly the thing you’ve been so desperate to avoid is now the thing you want more than anything. And you realize that falling pregnant isn’t (for some) as easy as you’d initially thought!
I’ve written about how it took me a year to fall pregnant with Tristan here, but what I find so amazing is what science can do to help us along the way.

I am very fortunate that I don’t have to go the IVF route; Shaun and I always said we’d never do it. Maybe if we didn’t have Tristan we might have considered it, but we have Tristan so that’s that.
But, I am having to take certain fertility meds to help me conceive this time. Step 1 is taking provera from day 16 to day 25. Then we wait. If I get my period I start clomed on day 5 to day 9. Then the cycle starts again.

To be honest I am really hoping I am pregnant this month, I will go for a blood test if my period doesn’t start by day 33. I really don’t want to go through the clomed cycles too many more times; I was really affected by them. On Saturday I was in tears all morning and then when I had to leave Tristan and go out for dinner that evening, I burst into tears and really didn’t want to leave him. I’ve also felt, since Friday, that my ovaries are very sore & heavy which is apparently all good news! Yes it’s only about 4 days but it’s still hard.

I went for a scan on Monday and my one ovary had already released an egg and the other was about to release; there’s that 7% increase in chance of twins with clomed. But that’s no guarantee that I will fall pregnant or have twins. Argh heaven help me if I get twins! Fok!

But back to fertility; it’s amazing how little we know about fertility until we are faced with our own issues. I have a few friends going through IVF and it amazes me at how science can help them not only make eggs (when none were being produced) but extract, freeze, defrost, fertilize and implant them again. All with relative ease.

I’d love to hear your fertility stories. Sharing is caring in my opinion. 🙂


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