Go with the flow

Go with the flow

I’m not what you’d describe as a “go with the flow” kinda gal. I love knowing what’s happening where and at what time. Going with the flow does not come naturally nor easily to me. One thing I’ve learnt from Covid19 is that I can go with the flow more than I thought.


But now as we are busy packing up our home in Cape Town to move to Fancourt I find that I’m feeling anxious and very unsettled. Although I know we are moving on Wednesday 20 January, I’m finding it difficult to pack up 90% of our stuff and the final 10% on Tuesday. I like things to be packed right, all plates together, glasses, etc, but that’s not really possible. We still need a few bits and bobs until we go, so instead of things being packed together, they are spread out over a few boxes.

I am truly trying to go with the flow, but my OCD is just not making it very easy.

My top tips


Sleep helps me feel more in control; I think that’s the same for many people. When you’re well rested one feels more capable and rational.


I’ve made my lists, but to be honest with you I’ve actually thrown them in the bin. I’m winging these last few days because it feels easier. But when we started I had my lists of what was going to be thrown away, sold & packed. They were broad because, let’s be honest, no one can list all the things in their house! I also had lists of things we needed to get done before we left.

Fast forward

Once we were here going with the flow happened naturally. Maybe it’s the environment we are in and removed from our ‘normal’ life back in Cape Town. We have no friends here, only my parents and a few of their friends that we know so there’s no rush or need to do anything.

Currently the kids aren’t at school (that all changes on Monday 1 February) so we just do what we want when we want. It’s a peaceful and calm state to be in.

Covid has forced us to stay home, see what happens as each ban is lifted or extended. Although we are planning to emigrate at the end of June or early July, once again we will have to go with the flow closer to the time and make the appropriate call then.

But for now, I’m going to relax and enjoy this new chapter.

Much love xxx



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  1. Chantel says:

    I really enjoyed this 🙂 as I too struggle to go with the flow.. Lists are always key in my life I love lists x

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