Change is big

Change is bigChange is big! Moving is one of the toughest thing a family can go through. A move to a different city adds another layer to that. Whilst moving internationally, well that’s just a whole other dimension.

Since January the kids have moved city (and home obviously), started at new schools, had to make new friends and in June we moved to the UK.

Let’s also remember that South African (specifically Cape Town) kids around the age of 5-6 years of age, have been through a lot in their young lives already. In 2017 Cape Town experienced the worst drought in many many years. Kids weren’t allowed to wash hands, flush toilets,  etc. They adjusted and got on with is. In 2020 Covid hit and they were locked down at home with their families.  Schools were closed, classes were done online, playdates were online. Everyone had to wash & sterilise their hands like crazy, wear masks and adopt social distancing. It’s been a weird time and we are all unsure as to when things will fully return to what they were before. Will they ever?


Due to Covid, we delayed our move to the UK from March to around June  2021 but had to move out of our Cape Town home. We’d arrange a long term rental so needed to find ourselves new accommodation; we settled on Fancourt. But that meant a whole lot of changes for the kids, Tristan in particular was affected more than Grayson. It’s definitely because of his age and the fact that he’s quite a sensitive child.

Tristan started acting up at school drop off; crying a lot, wouldn’t let go of me, said he didn’t want to stay and more. It was heartbreaking and upset me for the entire day. But, I knew that I was doing the right thing by making him go to & stay at school.

Since he started school here in London he has been a different child. He absolutely loves his school, scoots off ahead of me to get there quicker, runs happily into his classroom and has made friends. I don’t think he could love it more if he tried! It has been the biggest joy for me!

change is big

Having said all that, kids adjust (possibly) quicker and more easily than adults (in my humble opinion). And if our kids are happy then we as parents are happy.

Both boys have adjusted to living in London so quickly; they are both incredibly happy at their respective schools and I think that is why both Mr M and I have adapted to and embraced this very big change so quickly and easily.

So the best we as moms can do is be consistent, love them hard and make sure we let our kids know that change is hard but we can get through it together. As a family.

Much love xxx

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