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Fat mom slim series: Kelly Taylor

Fat mom slim series Kelly Taylor

I am 47 years old, I like that I am 47!  You always hear that it so hard to lose weight in your 40’s and beyond and while it is difficult it is not impossible!

I am a suburban mom, with a crazy busy life (as most moms are!). I spent my 20’s and 30’s doing all the yoyo diets.  After my pregnancies I battled with losing my baby weight, I picked up an unreal 25-30kgs!!!

I then started with ever diet imaginable and when none of them were sustainable for me, I decided to love the skin I was in, embrace my curves.  Easier said than done.  I simply did not love the way I felt and looked.  And how could anyone, right?

I was the jolly fat bird – but was miserable to my core!

What was the catalyst for starting your weight loss journey?

My children were starting primary school and I honestly felt like I was a spectator in their lives, perhaps even in my own life.  I was an enormous 125kg.  I would pour perspiration all the time.  My feet hurt constantly.  I couldn’t move!  John (my husband) and I needed to change.  I honestly felt and believed that I was going to die because I was just so unhealthy!  I had two children that depended on me, what example was I to them? I was sad, unhealthy and certainly not living my best life!

What did you start to change first?

I tried personal trainers, Weighless – all the different programmes but one thing that did work for me was joining Sports Science Healthy Weight Programme.  I finally felt heard!  There were other members in the programme that were as large and as unfit as me.  I battled at the other gyms taking instruction from a youngster that had never been overweight,  there just was no common ground.   Granted, the battle was totally with me.  At Sports Science I bought into the programme, I was determined to follow a Banting eating style, which I did, and I created some good habits there!  John and I also stopped smoking and started the couch to 5km running programme.  I also started to follow some ladies on Instagram for inspiration.

Did you use any apps to help keep track of what you were eating?

I am now using the Carb Manager app to track my carb intake.  Everything I eat I add to my daily food intake and I can see exactly what my macro’s are looking like for any given day.

Before I used to track my weightloss with a virtual weightloss jar and add little coloured marbles to the jar!  Was a fab way of actually seeing the results and the jar fill up!

What does a typical day of food look like for you now vs before?

I am a self diagnosed food addict.  I would eat constantly and there would be no preference.  Eating made me happy (for a short while)  I didn’t have a “full” or “off button” .

I now am a lot more disciplined.  I have 3 meals a day if I am hungry – sometimes that will look more like snacks and 1 big meal, it depends on the day and how I am feeling.  I have also done intermittent fasting, which is fab but I need to work up to that again to be consistent.

Something key here is learning the difference between being hungry and being “empty”.  This took me a long time.  I realise that being “empty” doesn’t mean hungry!  Get to know you body!

Tell us about what exercise you do, when, where and how often

I mentioned that I started running, in a moment of madness, I allowed myself to be convinced to run the Two Oceans Half Marathon, I have completed 3 of those and numerous other races.  I did my last and best one last year, 2019.

After that I lost my mojo completely and have not run since.  I do Pilates once a week and I walk in the morning with a bunch of ladies that I love!  I definitely want to start running again (I cannot believe I even said that). I am so much nicer when I am running, it really is the best therapy!

How have you fitted this is with your busy life as a mum?

I am so fortunate that I work flexible hours. I start work at 9:30 so that allows me to get the kids to school and get a run/walk/pilates in before I start work.  I negotiated it like that.  It is the only way I would be able to get exercise in.

Do you use any shakes or supplements?

 No!  I am not a fan.  I like to eat real food.  So many nasties are hidden in shakes and some fat cat is milking the desperate.  And yes, often you will lose weight, but it is not sustainable long term… I feel quite strongly about it.  Lol!  I do take collegan in my coffee in the morning though.  Great for my skin, nails and hair!

When do you find it hardest to stay on track?

Everyday is hard.  It is a decision you make constantly during the day.  Even harder when socialising, I love a tall gin and my bubbly – which in themselves is fine!  But that is when my inhibitions falter and the crisps fall into my face!

What do you love most about your new lifestyle?

I love that I can walk for miles, I love that I can go into a normal shop and buy jeans, I love that I can bend down and tie my shoes… I like myself more…

I am by no means a skinny bird, neither do I want to be.  I am finally in a space where I like what I see in the mirror.  I can also be sociable with my food choices, go out to eat without causing too much fuss. Its not the big things, just small every day stuff that is easier.

What are your top tips for other moms trying to lose weight & get fitter?

  • Find something that you love.
  • Work on what your real reasons are for wanting to lose weight or getting fitter, because if you are not convinced, you will set yourself up for failure.
  • It is never going to be a quick fix; understand that it will be a long road and be ok with that.
  • It’s a lifestyle, not a diet. Find something that you can do forever! Your choice here needs to be a sustainable, long term solution.
  • Keep a photographic food diary. Post it to Instagram, nothing like making a public declaration to keep you honest and be honest! You could inspire just one other person!

Anything else you’d like to share?

This has not been an easy road.

I lost 25kgs – became complacent and put on 15kg!

After I completed the Two Oceans 21km last year I lost my mojo – went through some crazy personal issues and ended up putting on another 10kgs!!!  I am now working hard to get rid of those again.

#StartingOverAgainAgain!  The story of my life.

This is why I stress… find something you love, it needs to be a way of life and needs to be something you can do long term.


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