Postpartum bull crap

Postpartum bull crap

Postpartum, an adjective meaning ‘following childbirth’. According to Wikipedia there are 3 phases, the last one lasting up to 6 months. So does that mean that, following 6 months postpartum we (read “our bodies”) should have returned to our pre-baby state? I put that exact pressure on myself following both Tristan’s and most recently, Grayson’s births. But I’m here to tell you that I’m calling that postpartum bull crap!

Postpartum with Tristan

We all know how I suffered undiagnosed PND for 14 months. Yes I lost my pregnancy weight within 3 months, but then my PND took hold and I piled all the weight back on. I have lost a few over the years (until I fell pregnant again) but I always put them back on.

Postpartum with Grayson

Here I sit, a little over 8 months postpartum and I still weigh the same as the day I gave birth to Grayson. Oh I have tried to lose weight, but it’s just not in my cards right now. My body is in survival mode still.

8 months postpartumPostpartum bull crap

Is it the norm for woman to ‘bounce back’ within the first year after having a baby? If I look at all the moms I know the answer is an undeniable NO! Is it society that makes us feel we need to be in our bikini weeks after having our precious babies or is it us putting this pressure on ourselves?

Personally, I feel it’s a little of both but I definitely put way more pressure on myself as I don’t care too much about what society thinks of me.

A few weeks back I initiated a biggest loser style weight loss challenge; I wanted to lose 10kgs by my 40th which is at the end of April. After week 1 I had put on weight, then I lost weight and this last weigh-in showed I’d put on weight again. When I discussed it with the ladies on the challenge, the general consensus was the following; I’ve put too much pressure on myself. Losing 10kgs whilst breastfeeding my 8 month old who sucks as sleeping was just crazy.

Note to myself

My body is amazing, with all the extra lumps & bumps! It has carried 2 babies, nursed them, been through severe PND, held my babies, carried the responsibility of motherhood and so much more! I will continue to strive to lose weight and be healthier and fitter than I am today. I want to do it for myself, my self respect and self esteem, for my husband and for my beautiful boys.

Much love xxx


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