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It’s no secret that I’m pregnant, 22 weeks to be exact (at time of writing this post), and something I have struggled to find both with this pregnancy and my first, is good, cost effective maternity wear for both active and leisure purposes. So you can imagine my excitement when I found Fit Mama on Instagram a few weeks ago! They had literally launched their products about 3 days before and I was like oh my word; my excitement was palpable!

Some background info on the brand before I get into the actual items (which are gorgeous and comfy and made beautifully)…
The company is owned by 2 South African moms from Johannesburg, they have designed and tested each item themselves as they found there was a gap in the market for maternity active wear. Lex is mom to Luke & Kenna who are 3 and 1 years old respectively and Cherene is mom to 2 year old Willow! At this stage the products are not made locally, however this is something they are working on so they can have a truly South African product.
The idea actually came about when Lex was pregnant with Luke but then she got too busy (as we all know motherhood is) to pursue it further until middle of 2018 when she was able to kick off the design & implementation process again. Then, as mentioned, mid-Jan 2019 it all came to fruition when stock finally arrived!

My biggest requirement with maternity wear is firstly comfort and then bump coverage & support. I am yet to wear the long pants (i.e. medium & xtreme support leggings) because it’s just too hot in Cape Town for them right now and this mamas internal heater is on full blast! Lol, but roll on cooler days & winter months (even postpartum) and I will be all over those like a fat kid on a cupcake! (Yes these pants can totally be worn postpartum because of their super clever design.)
So I’ve been wearing the Uber comfort yoga leggings a lot (even when I’m not working out). and I am sold. They deliver on comfort and support! I also love the little detail at the ankle – twist in the fabric and their beautiful heart logo is on each item. When I wear them to gym I am always so proud; I’ve never been one for wearing matchy matchy gym kit and have always just rocked up in whatever feels comfortable. So wearing the beautiful Fit Mama pieces is an absolute joy & they make me feel super feminine.

Let’s talk about the 2 tops in the range, they are the mommy-to-be workout racerback top and the total yoga comfort racerback top. Yes both of them have the racer back style but they are quite different in style and wearability.
I am of the larger breasted woman group (usually at 34/36C I’m currently a 40D only to increase as baby’s arrival draws ever nearer and eventually peaking when my milk comes in) so am usually really self conscious of my boobs in these types of tops. I have 1 top like this in my wardrobe! But the other day I put on the comfort racerback top (with bra underneath obvs) and you know what? I totally rocked it. Wore it to school and then at gym for my 45 min treadmill walk. I was not self-conscious at all, in fact I totally owned the look. I felt 100% supported throughout, even when walking briskly. It was comfy (as the name says it will be), it’s the most gorgeous neon pink and the fabric was cool & absorbent. I never felt like I was overheating!
A few days later I was just pottering around home and due to the heat in Cape Town I was in shorts and needed a top that I could wear that supported my boobs (didn’t feel like wearing a bra) but was also cool and gave the bump some extra support. So I pulled on the workout racerback top. And you know what? Once again it totally delivered on all that I’d hoped for. Super comfy, cool and supportive in all the right places. I have also since worn it to gym with a bra and have fallen in love with it all over again.

I’m not sure I can rave about these items enough; they really are pieces you can wear anytime! They also aren’t just for preggy moms; they can be worn postpartum and I am really looking forward to also wearing them then (obviously only once I’ve been given the go ahead by my gynae) to start moving my body once our Baby Shark has made his debut.
Staying fit & active both during this pregnancy and afterwards are really important to me.
Much love xxx


Although this is a sponsored post, the review and opinions are purely my own and I have been honest throughout.

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