Things to do with kids in Cape Town

Things to do with kids is a hot topic for every parent! Whether during term time or holidays, keeping kids busy & entertained is a constant job. Tristan is not particularly good at playing on his own at home and currently I’ve been turning on the TV a little too quickly & often as I’m tired in the afternoon and really don’t feel like playing for hours on end!
Tristan is also of the age where he enjoys being with peers as they can actually play together now (not just side by side) and with all the energy of a 3 year old, spending afternoons & weekends at home with pregnant mom & working dad does not sit well with him.

So I’ve made a list of things I can do with Tristan either after school or on weekends. I’ve divided the list up into local (to where we live) and further afield. Some we’ve already done and enjoy hence they will always be on my list, others are new things we are yet to explore. If there are any you feel I’ve missed and should try and include in my list, please pop me a message; I’d love to hear from you!

This past weekend has been particularly windy in Cape Town and hubby had an operation on Friday so Tristan and I spent the most part of each weekend day out and about. Saturday we spent a lovely morning at Cafe Roux in Noordehoek where the kids are welcomed with open arms by the restaurant and the secure play area alongside is an absolute hit! On Sunday we went to Rush Trampoline Park for the toddler session at 9am. Tristan absolutely loved it and it’s a great way to burn off some of that endless energy.

Herewith the list & links to their websites…

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