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So last night I couldn’t sleep. I’m going to be a mom to 2 boys and there’s a small part of me that’s sad & disappointed that I’m not having a girl. Now before you go all crazy on my arse about not being grateful that I’m pregnant bla bla bla, let me just say that I am incredibly grateful that I’m pregnant and that, so far everything is going really well. Baby Shark is healthy, happy and safe in my belly and Tristan is already totally in love with his baby brother!

Mostly I am thrilled to be having another boy, Tristan will have a baby brother, a best friend for life and we can reuse whatever boy stuff I have left over and I know boys, I’ve done this before so no surprises. But I am also a little sad because I think all moms (whether they admit it or not) would really love a daughter. I have a wonderful relationship & bond with my mom and I’d really love to have that with a daughter. I’d also love to be able to buy all the pretty girl clothes, dress her up, be able to go out dressed the same, play with girl toys and plait her hair. 

When I mentioned this to my friend, Amy on the weekend, she said to me “…  a large part of me is happy that I won’t have to fight with a mini version of myself about clothes every morning…” and she has a point (she’s also pregnant with her 2nd boy). And I tend to agree with her, girls seem a lot harder to bring up than boys! Boys are easy and awesome! 

Do you have a mommy tribe? I do and I love them. We are there to support each other no matter what and I am incredibly grateful we all met. So I put the question to them because 4 of them have become mothers to 2 boys and 2 have had a pigeon pair and I wanted to know if they went through a period of so called ‘mourning’ and they have all said yes in a way they did but it’s normal & ok so that has definitely made me feel more at ease with the emotions I’m feeling right now. 

But let’s just say that maybe this has left the door open for us to consider a third when the time is right…

Much love…


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