My ah-ha moment

Tristan is not well at the moment – he’s been vomiting since Sunday afternoon, his body is hot to the touch but no temp and has a cough which makes him vomit more! So for the last 2 nights I’ve been awake a lot and last night while lying here around 3am I had my ah-ha moment.
I remember reading a post by Ash of Ash_fitmom which read ‘if you want something you’ve never had before, you have to do something you’ve never done before’.

So let’s break it down, we’ll start with the 2nd part of the statement. What do I want that I’ve never had before? To lose 8-10kgs post baby.
And the first part of the statement? I realised while lying here that when I’ve tried to lose weight before I’ve been consistent 60-70% of the time, AND I’ve lost focus after a few weeks, like a month, and given up.
You know what else I realised? I actually need to commit 100%, clearly the 30-40% leniency is what leads me to believe that my efforts aren’t paying off hence why I give up.

It seems so simple when you look at it like that and break it down right? Wrong! If it was easy everybody would be losing weight left, right & centre. But losing weight isn’t easy and it takes time, patience, persistence, dedication and belief. It takes being headstrong and focused on the goal and not letting anyone or anything derail your efforts.

So I’m going to make changes, some small and some bigger and gradually grow the small to become big. Become life changing. Only I can do this, no amount of visits to dieticians, reading of articles, asking people what worked for them is going to make me lose weight. I have to make the changes and choices. I have to stay the course. I have to stop talking about it and start doing it! The time is now, my time is now!

What am I going to do differently? Firstly I am going to start each and every day with a glass of warm lemon water. Then I’m going to swap my coffee for herbal tea. Meal prep & plan are going to be my new best friends and I’m going to stick to my plan. And finally (for now) I’m going to track each and every thing that goes into my mouth on MyFitnessPal. If you want to join me by tracking your own calories, my handle is MrsJenniMoss. Let’s be friends!

So this post is my declaration to myself to do things differently in order to have the one thing I’ve been wanting for so long!

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