Today marks the end of day 2 of my weighless journey. I decided, after chatting to a friend, that Weighless sounded like a good option to help me lose some of this weight. In my last post about my ah-ha moment, I spoke about (finally) understanding that, in order for things to change I had to change so that’s what I did!

The concept behind weighless is taking eating back to basics. Eating all the groups on the food pyramid, but in the right quantities. There are 10 steps in your journey, you move through the steps based on how many kg’s you lose at each weigh-in. I’m on step 1 (obviously) and to move to step 2 I have to lose 1kg and 2kg to reach step 3, etc. And so it goes until I’ve lost my goal of 10kgs.

My daily food intake is based on a number of portions per food group: complex carbs, veggies, fruit, protein, milk & fats. I like spreadsheets so this works really well for me. Each evening I put my ‘formula’ into excel and insert the foods & portion sizes for each meal & snack making up each food group.
Here’s an example; this is what my food plan looks like for tomorrow:

What I have found absolutely fascinating is portion sizes. I thought I was eating the right portion sizes through the day but when you actually have to weigh your food and be precise you suddenly realise you’re overeating!
I leave to go away on Sunday for a week which means I will miss my first weigh-in (they are done weekly) and will therefore do my first weigh-in 2 weeks after starting. I am feeling really strong & committed to this as I am still able to eat all normal foods, just being way more careful & strict on portion size.
Weekends are usually my downfall (and I have 2 social engagements this weekend) so am feeling a little nervous but if it were easy, everybody would be doing it right? Wish me luck!

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