My favourite me time indulgences

As a mom we generally put ourselves last, but recently I’ve been trying to make a concerted effort to dedicate time each day to ‘me time’. So in the interests of sharing is caring, here are my current favourite me time indulgences. This list includes things I am currently doing (in lockdown) as well as those from when we were free.


My feet have never, nor will ever be soft and smooth unless I put in serious effort. I love using my Stepping Out electric foot file, it’s quick & effective, takes about 5 minutes a foot. I apply some OPI Pro Spa soothing balm afterwards, pop on my slippers and away I go! Once a week keeps them manageable, but I feel if I could do it twice a week we would be making real progress.


Who doesn’t love a good mani? I’m especially loving the Gelish Dip system which I started having done just before lockdown, so sadly haven’t had it done since. But my local Sorbet does a great Gelish manicure and I can’t wait to get back there.

Through lockdown I have found all the hand washing & sanitising has left my eczema inflamed so I’ve started the apple cider vinegar regime I wrote about a while ago, you can read it here. In regards to my nails, I have been using my Morgan Taylor base coat, colour & top coat. As a mom I don’t have the luxury of allowing my nails to dry so I love Morgan Taylor’s accelerate quick dry drops.


Yes I know we need to be water-wise, but a girl needs her occasional bath okay! I don’t bath often because of the drought, but when I do, it’s once the kids are in bed and I can have the whole bath to myself. I make it extra hot and I liberally pour in Fenjal moisturising creme bath. It does something to soothe the soul! I grab a book, lie back and wallow in it!


I absolutely love a facial so lockdown has been really hard on this front, however, I have been doing biweekly scrubs and masques with my current products. I will be moving onto Zo Skin Health just as soon as my current products are finished, I can’t wait to see the improvement on my skin.

My favourite day spa in Cape Town is Chelsea Clinic & Spa and I literally can’t wait until they are open for business!

That’s it from me for now!

Much love xxx

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