Rainy day activities

Winter has arrived which means going outside is becoming more limited. Not only are we homeschooling our little people (thanks COVID19), but school holidays are on the horizon which means no online schooling for a while. So in light of this I thought why not share the list of our favourite rainy day activities with you all!

Drawing activity

We ordered an 80m x 85cm ream of paper which was delivered. We rolled it out, traced around Tristan and let the kids go wild. It was so lovely for Grayson and Tristan to be able to enjoy this activity together. Grayson used some chubby crayons whilst Tristan used his new koki’s. Together they played and coloured for about 30 minutes!

Building Lego

Although Tristan seems to have progressed to big boy LEGO, he still loves playing with his Duplo. Grayson wants to do everything that Tristan does so playing Duplo means that they can play together. Grayson is just getting the hang of how to push & pull cars so, while Tristan builds tall towers Grayson drives the trains and trucks around. This is another activity that they can do happily together for 30 minutes.

Baking baking baking

I absolutely love baking. Tristan loves it too, mind you I think he just enjoys baking because it means he can lick the bowl at the end! Sadly Grayson, as much as he wants to be involved and help, is just too young so we try and save this activity for when he’s asleep. Tristan and I love baking cakes most of all. We also love baking muffins & biscuits. I find it a great teaching tool actually because we can practise numbers, counting and the alphabet all while doing something fun!

What are your favourite rainy day activities? I’d love to hear.

Much love xxx


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