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My lean body meal plan

I’ve been following Ang from The Lean Girl on Instagram for quite sometime now. In October 2020 I signed up to her Lean Body Lab & Kitchen Coach. One of the modules in the lab are about preparing your lean body meal plan blueprint and to be honest I’d never really sat down and done it, until now.

So in the interest of sharing is caring and keeping a personal record for myself, I thought I’d share my lean body meal plan with all of you. Note that, currently I have a budget of 1600 calories per day. We are all different so suggest you work out your personal numbers before adopting mine. There is a calculator on my page if you wish to use it.

breakfast options

Lean Body toolkitMy weekday mornings are busy; I always start off with 2 x 100ml almond milk Nespresso coffees.

  1. Protein flapjacks: flapjacks served with 100g plain yoghurt & Walden Farm’s pancake syrup @ 384 calories
  2. Smoothie bowl: 1 serving whey, 1 frozen banana, 2 tbsp PB2, 22,5g Futurelife bran flakes @ 343 calories
  3. Breakfast wrap: 1 wrap, 100ml egg whites, 1 egg, 50g slimmers cheddar, tomatoes, 1 tbsp tomato sauce @ 400 calories
  4. Eggs on toast: 2 small slices rye toast, 1/2 tbsp butter, 2 eggs, 1 tbsp tomato sauce @ 446 calories

lunch options

  1. Chicken burger wrap: 1 chicken burger, 1 wrap, 2 tbsp Trim mayo, lettuce, 100g shoestring fries @ 444 calories
  2. Tuna mayo thins: 1 tin tuna, 2 tbsp Trim mayo, 1 x Woolworths sandwich thins, salad @ 322 calories
  3. Burger & chips: 1 Fry’s burger, 1 x Woolies sandwich thins, 100g shoestring fries, 2 tbsp Trim mayo, 1/2 tbsp olive oil, salad @ 456 calories

I try and make extra dinner as well some nights so that I have a portion for lunch the next day!

dinner options

Mr M and I eat the same dinner every night, both the kids usually have something a little different like fish fingers, chicken nuggets, etc with a veg. Grayson will usually nibble on what we eat as he’s way more adventurous than Tristan.

  1. Blistered tomato & feta pasta: this has been all over social media and a really easy & quick meal.
  2. Broccoli stirfry: 300g steamed broccoli, 1 onion, 1 cup cashew nuts, sesame seeds sprinkled on at the end. This serves 2 of us with a portion of the Woolworths quick rice & quinoa pocket @ 404 calories
  3. Spaghetti bolognaise: 1 portion of my mince recipe (mince, onion, carrot, celery, tomato paste, tin tomatoes) served on 150g cooked spaghetti @ 427 calories
  4. Thai chicken or prawn curry: 1/2 an onion, 200g chicken breasts, 1/2 tin lite coconut milk, bunch of veggies (baby corn, mange touts) served on portion of the Woolworths quick rice & quinoa pocket @ 486 calories. This serves 2 of us.

We usually eat dinner around 6pm so by 8pm I feel like a little snack and the Miam nougat bars are my go-to! I have a stash of them and at only 146 calories per bar I can almost always fit it into my budget.

I am not a professional but if you have any questions please feel free to ask and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Much love xxx


4 thoughts on “My lean body meal plan

  1. Lise-Maré says:

    Hi there

    Thank you for posting your mealplan! I was thinking of joining, but after looking at your plan, I know I won’t be able to afford it. I don’t have any of the ingredients listed and Woollies is expensive, I never shop there.

    How has it been following her meal plan? Have you been able to lose the weight you wanted and to keep it off?

    Kind Regards

    • The Wife Life Blog says:

      Hi Lise-Mare, I wrote this post when I still lived in South Africa. But you don’t have to shop at Woolies you can shop anywhere. I used to shop there but it’s not necessary. I highly recommend her plan; it’s worth it. Much love xxx

  2. Marie says:

    Would it be hard for me to follow her plan being that I live in America? And did you reach your goal?

    • The Wife Life Blog says:

      Hi and thank you for the message. Yes you definitely would be able to do it from America. I have changed my way of eating to rather eating whole foods and am actually doing far better. But this was a decision I came to for myself through research. Good luck with whatever you choose to do. Much love

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