Colds & essential oils

Colds & essential oils

It seems that, thanks to Covid19 and lockdown we all managed to avoid colds, but alas they’ve finally caught up with us. Although it was blissful having everyone healthy for so long, I strongly believe we, especially the kids, benefit from getting colds. It helps build their immune system and essential oils are my go-to to help get them through.

doTERRA essential oilscolds & essential oils

I’m relatively new to the whole essential oil world, however, I have found them invaluable when the kids are sick with colds and other things.

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There’s 2 main camps in the essential oil world, doTERRA & Young Living. To be honest with you, I have no particular allegiance to either but currently only have doTERRA oils so will be sharing what I have and what works for me from this range.


Grayson is fighting his second cold this month. He has a runny nose and phlegmy cough. Personally I prefer to avoid antibiotics as much as possible and try the natural route as far as possible. This is where I find my essential oils so beneficial.

My favourite essential oils for helping my boys fight a cold are:

  1. Breathe roller: it’s a blended oil and I apply it throughout the day to their chest and down the spine. At night I also apply to the soles of the feet and often to their pillow. It helps open the airways making breathing so much easier.
  2. Eucalyptus: I diffuse this in the house through the day, it also helps to clear the airways.
  3. Lavender: this oil has so many great benefits! I put some in the bath at night time and it helps calm the boys down before bed.
  4. OnGuard: apply to the soles of the feet at night. Helps boost immunity when theirs is low

I’m no fundie on essential oils, but Google & Pinterest have a never ending stream of information and using them consistently when faced with kids feeling unwell has certainly helped us many an occasion.

Much love xxx

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