Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

Many people have heard of polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) but few (including myself) actually know what it is. I’ve heard the term used by both friends and on various blogs and each story is different. And that’s because we are all different and so are our bodies. But this is my story…

My story actually started in 2015 when we went to see a fertility doctor because hubby and I had been trying for a year to fall pregnant with no luck. I’d peed on those ovulation sticks for a few months but they never indicated I was ovulating so gave up on them and headed to the doctor. Long story short, she said I was possibly borderline PCOS but wanted to try first check via scans & blood tests if I was ovulating and then we’d look deeper. We were in luck because that first month she did bloods to check for hormone levels we fell pregnant so all thoughts of PCOS were brushed aside and on we went!

Fast forward 3 years and today is day 35 of my cycle and I haven’t had a period yet so I went to see the gynae to get some clarity on what’s actually going on with me. He indicated that I am a borderline PCOS candidate and can see no signs I even ovulated last month. After a long discussion about our options we’ve decided on the following course of action. Today I am going to start a course of progesterone tablets called Provera. These I take for 7 days, 3 days later I’ll get my period. Then on day 5 of my cycle I will start taking Fertomed until day 9 after which, on day 12, 13 or 14 I will go for a scan to see that I am in fact about to ovulate. If I don’t fall pregnant then we’ll start the whole process of tablets again.

So we have a plan and I like plans. I can put all these dates in my diary and I can work with them. That makes me happy. And happy mommy makes a happy family!

What has given me food for thought though is the following; just one of the many symptoms of PCOS is weight gain and hell we all know how I’ve struggled to lose even 1 kg since having Tristan. Having done some research, the general feeling I get is that yes, after a baby your PCOS can change and it gives me some comfort as to why I’m struggling so to lose weight. I have also learnt that high protein, low carb diets are best for PCOS sufferers so I am going to keep making a conscious effort to eat like that and maybe, just maybe I will eventually lose a little weight.

But on that note, I am trying to accept that as long as I don’t put on weight that’s ok. I am healthy & quite fit, I gym 5 days a week and I eat right 80% of the time so staying where I am now is a-ok with me. And I need to accept that which I’m doing a little more each day.

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