My digital detox

Friday (20 July) was a shit day; I’ve been trying to lose weight (yes again, same shit different day but yes I will be sharing more about this in another post) and even going so far as to give up dairy and in 3 weeks I lost 1kg! WTF? So I was just having a shit day and social media definitely didn’t help as one is bombarded by images & stories of people who just gave up dairy and lost 6kgs in a month, people who have reduced portion size and lost 5 kgs in a month, and so many more that I actually don’t even want to get into and my 1kg loss combined with all this social media ‘noise’ just tipped me and I’d had enough. So I made a rash decision, around 1:30pm, to have a digital detox for the weekend and that meant turning off my phone at 3pm on Friday and not switching back on until tonight (Sunday) once Tristan was in bed. My digital detox

Honestly I actually enjoyed it, like really enjoyed it. I focused on Shaun & Tristan and we had an absolutely wonderful weekend together! I read my book before bed – I usually am on Instagram for an age before I turn off the light but it was so lovely to read again. I also found I fell asleep a lot quicker – I usually fall asleep within 15 – 20 minutes (my guess) of turning off my light but taking away my phone I actually fell asleep within 5, max 10 minutes of lights out.

Yes I still watched a bit of tv and we listened to YouTube and I used Shaun’s Ipad to look up recipes but I literally turned off my phone and left it in my office; I also didn’t wear my watch all weekend. I didn’t open my laptop either.

I had a lunch with girlfriends on Saturday but I told them I’d be offline and it was fine, we still all met at the agreed time and it made no difference that I didn’t have a phone. It was also liberating to go out and I didn’t have to stress about making sure I had my phone with me, or whipping my phone out to check an incoming message or to take a photo. If someone wanted to get hold of me they had to call the house or Shaun’s mobile so I wasn’t uncontactable.

I will definitely be doing this again and want to make a concerted effort to put my phone away more, even if it’s just for the evenings so I can focus on my family.


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