Enhanced Hair Straightener Heat Brush by MiroPure

Product review: hair straightening brush

I bought my first hair straightening iron about 18 years ago. The GHD hair straightener had just come out and, while living in the UK I bought myself one. I still have it; still works 100% perfectly. But as a mom to 2 busy boys, I rarely have the time to straighten my hair with a hair iron. It takes ages! So when the hair straightening brush made it’s debut I was excited!

Christmas 2019 was spent in the UK and we decided to have a secret Santa for the adults as there were a lot of us. I chose the enhanced hair straightener heat brush by MiroPure. Having used it regularly for 6 months now I decided it was time to do a review. Here goes! 

My hair type

Product review after blowdryMy hair is thick & wavy; it’s like I’ve had rollers in a bit too long. It’s also quite poofy aka bouncy which I don’t enjoy. My hair is long (middle of my back) and it takes about 15 minutes to blow dry it myself at home. After blow drying my hair I want to tame the waves & bounce so need a quick solution. I’ve never coloured my hair so my hair is 100% natural & untouched. I use a store bought shampoo & conditioner which leaves my hair feeling healthy, well cared for and easy to manage. I generally wash my hair every 3 – 4 days.

Hair straightening brush

Product review hair straightening brushI’ve learnt from Mr M to Google and research things a lot before going ahead and buying them. With the internet being an endless ocean of information & reviews you really have no excuse for buying a bad product. There’s a variety of hair straightening brushes available on the market and after doing said research, decided that the MiroPure hair straightening brush was the best one.

Pros & cons

There are always pros and cons to every product and the hair straightening brush by MiroPure is no different.

What I love about it is:

  • It straightens my hair quickly & effectively,
  • It still leaves my hair with some body; I always found the hair iron made my hair 100% flat (as it should),
  • My hair doesn’t feel damaged at all,
  • No burning smell or sounds if hair ever so slightly damp,
  • Heats up really quickly,
  • Nice long cord with a swivel power cord.

There is only 1 negative I have found, and it’s not really a negative about the product:

  • Hair needs to be dry before using it


I blow dry my hair and then run the hair straightening brush through my hair a few times. I could definitely spend a bit longer and get more of the kinks out but I often don’t have the time. When I do have extra time I do enjoy taking a bit more care. But all in all, I love the product & the concept.

Much love xxx

Hair straightening brush before and after


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