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Leaving the house with 2 kids

One thing I stressed about during my pregnancy was how I would leave the house with 2 kids. It stressed me out no end and I used to think up various scenarios and how I’d manage. You know what? Now that I have 2 kids, going out with them is so much easier than I imagined. Here are a few of my top tips for leaving the house with 2 kids.

Be prepared

I try and brief Tristan about where we are going and what we’ll be doing when there. The more he knows of what to expect the better he copes. He also doesn’t nag to go somewhere else if he’s prepared for what’s happening.

I also make sure Grayson has a clean nappy and both Tristan and I have been for a wee. Going to the loo with 2 kids is not easy!

Take supplies

My backpack suppliesMy backpack goes everywhere with me. It’s stocked with nappies, wet wipes, sterilising wipes, a change of clothes for Grayson, dummy, swaddle blanket, snacks & water for Tristan, small toy,  my wallet and phone. I’m fortunate that I still breastfeed so I don’t need to carry any bottles for Grayson which makes a big difference (I think). Having snacks, water & a toy for Tristan helps if we are in the car or end up being out longer than expected.


Timing is everything when taking a small baby out. Grayson sleeps in the car but if you put his car seat into his pram he wakes up so I try make sure we go out just after he’s woken up and not around feeding time. The same for Tristan; I make sure he’s fed before we go out otherwise he wants snacks from each shop (hence why I always have snacks in my bag).


Baby carrierI always have a carrier in the car which then comes into the shops with us. Grayson gets niggly if he’s in his car seat too long so I can put him into the carrier and he’s happy. It also means that I can push a trolley and Tristan can ride in the trolley if he wants. A pram plus trolley is never going to work.

So those are my top tips for leaving the house with 2 kids. If you’ve got anything to add I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

Much love xxx

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