Stay at home mum

Yup, that’s me, a stay at home mum. Well that’s not entirely true, I also have a business (Southey Travel and Family Travel South Africa) that I am working hard to get going again. So, being a stay at home mum to most people means that I sit around all day twiddling my thumbs and doing whatever I want. Well, that’s so not true! I barely sit down all day to do anything I want to do to relax like read a book, have a manicure or pedicure, etc.

Stay at home mum

My days are jam packed from the moment I wake up (which is anywhere between 5am and 6:30am, on the extremely rare occasion it’s 7/7:30am) to the moment I go to sleep at about 9:30pm! My ‘average’ day looks something like this:
6am         Wake up and make Tristan his rooibos tea bottle
7am         We officially get out of bed and come to the TV room
7:30am   Make Tristan breakfast and school lunch. I also have a small protein snack
8am         Get us both dressed (he usually puts up some sort of fight) and into the car
8:15am   Drop Tristan at school (luckily he loves school so this is easy, a kiss, cuddle and I’m off again)
8:30am   I’m at the gym for my workout which lasts about 1hr – 1h15m
10am      Home to have breakfast and shower
11am    Sit down at my laptop to check work emails and catch up on any other household admin, write shopping list, wash up last nights’ dishes, etc
12pm      Leave to fetch Tristan from school. He usually falls asleep in the car on the way home or as soon as I get him into his room. I then have some time to really focus on work until he wakes up around 2pm.
On days the au pair is here to help out I spend time working or doing grocery shopping or a load or 2 of washing and then preparing meals for Tristan. The au pair leaves at 5pm.
5:15pm     Tristan has dinner which usually takes about 30-45 min followed by playtime until bath at 7pm and off to bed. I then make dinner for Shaun and I, we eat and watch a show to TV by which time it’s 9pm and I’m off to bed to get my 8 hours of sleep before I start it all again the next day!

So, before you judge the next stay at home mom and be jealous of all the time she has on her hands to lie around and have her nails done, just remember this post. Our lives revolve around our child and our house and keeping it all working together.

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