The only way out is through

“The only way out is through”! This is what my friend Amy told me when I asked her how she stayed sane through her complete home rebuild. And you know what, she’s 110% right; you can’t back out once you’ve started and when it (finally) starts coming together you start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

So we’ve now finished week 4 of the renovations (read my survival guide here) and we will (hopefully) see the following things completed this week:

  • both bathrooms
  • tiling
  • painting
  • kitchen carcasses installed
  • stove & oven installed

Living arrangements

Tristan and I spent the last 2 weeks living away from home; first in a boutique hotel (sounds glamorous but actually quite hard with a toddler as you need living space) and the second week in a fabulous Airbnb property very close to home. Living at home would have been a disaster; we only had 1 bathroom, a makeshift kitchen (still in place argh) and builders onsite daily from 8am until 4:30pm. The whole house was covered in a fine layer of dust and it wasn’t suitable for me nor Tristan. Shaun has been project managing this so he stayed at the house full time (poor guy) but came and spent a few nights with us when he could.

We’re now home and I’m really excited to see this week through because, at the end, we’re sure to have an (almost) finished product!


The only way out is through applies to pregnancy as well. I’m nearly 26 weeks which means almost in the third (and final) trimester. Sleep has become quite uncomfortable and I wake regularly. Not just to go to the loo but to roll over; it’s a challenge! I am also starting to realize I need to get cracking on things; like my list for my hospital bag, newborn essentials and the like. I hope to be able to start sorting the nursery next weekend which will be great!

Much love xxx


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