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I am 27 weeks pregnant and packing my hospital bag is something I am getting sorted now. Yes I know it seems a tad early, but with all the renovations going on I feel I need some sort of control and having a hospital bag that’s ready to go is easing my anxiety.

When I went into hospital to have Tristan I had (in hindsight) an overly full hospital bag; many items that I didn’t need or use. I did what every first time mom does and Googled it all, and not knowing any better went with what I read! But this time I’m being savy; this is not my first rodeo and feel I’m better prepared for what I will and won’t need at the hospital.
Note: I have elective caesareans so this list might vary if you have a natural birth.

My hospital bag essentials

Even when I go away for a weekend I make a list of things I need to pack (I love lists) so this comes naturally to me. Here goes…


    • Phone & charger: make sure it’s fully charged on arrival at the hospital. You’ll want pictures of the birth and you need all the battery life you can get!
    • Mints or gum: personally I found anaesthetic left a weird taste in my mouth and as you’re unable to get up for the first 24 hours having a mint or fresh gum to chew definitely helped me feel clean & fresh


    • 2 x dark facecloths
    • Hairbrush
    • Face, hand & lip creams – the aircon in your room can really dry your skin out
    • Shampoo, leave-in conditioner & hairdryer. I love having clean hair so these last 2 are very important to me
    • Body wash and sponge
    • Toothbrush & toothpaste
    • Meds & vitamins

    For mom

    • Front open pajamas makes feeding easier
    • “Granny panties”: so everyone says take those one-size-fits-all disposable panties but they’re made of mesh and really irritated my skin so I bought these “granny panties” from Woolworths. The reason I love them is they come above my cut and. buying them in a larger size than normal means there’s no pressure on my belly.
    • Comfortable going home outfit like leggings & relaxed comfortable top,
    • Maternity / compression socks: they put these on once you’ve had your ceasar and I still have my pair from last time so will just be one step ahead. No need for a new pair right?
    • Bepanthan: start applying this from the moment baby is born. I found it was the best thing for nipples and I (fortunately) never had cracked or bleeding nipples. It’s also safe for baby to suck off the nipple & you will need it for nappy changes.
    • Maternity pads: oh yes, the glamour of childbirth! I have 1 pack of the Carriwell maternity pads for those first 24 hours after birth. I have then also bought the lil-lets maternity pads which are thinner and far more comfortable than those thick boats!
    • Breastpads & 2 feeding bras
    • Slippers for when you shuffling around the maternity ward stretching your legs once you’re allowed to stand and walk

For baby

    • Beanie: most hospitals put on a beanie as soon as baby is born as they lose heat from the top of their heads, but I love taking my own.
    • Babygrows: once again the hospital usually puts a baby grow on for you, but I loved having Tristan in something that was his (when we eventually dressed him)
    • Swaddle blankets: when Tristan wasn’t in bed with me I had him swaddled tight and something soft and that smells of mom is so comforting to them
    • Nappies: the hospital usually gives you a few nappies but I love the Pampers Premium range and their newborn nappies have a wonderful umbilical cord shape in the front.
    • Surgical spirits & cotton buds: to keep that umbilical cord clean and sterilised
    • Going home outfit: my mom knitted some gorgeous jerseys for Tristan but because he was born in December it was too hot to wear them. So, Baby Shark, being a winter baby, will get to wear these gems. I can’t wait to dress him in a snuggly home-knit for our trip home.
    • Dummies: I have once again gone with the tiny (and super cheap) cherry silicone dummies as they worked so well for Tristan.
    • Wet wipes: I love the Pampers Premium sensitive protect

Note: I am really hoping I will be able to feed as easily as I did with Tristan so am not taking formula, bottles or a pump with me. 

Remember that if you have forgotten anything the shops are always just around the corner and hubby and family will be eager to bring you whatever you need. Don’t let it stress you out should you find you’ve forgotten something; it’s really not the end of the world!

Much love xxx

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