There will be a day

There will be a day

There will be a day when we won’t have to tell them to play nicely. When we won’t have to answer yet another ‘why’ question.

A day when we won’t be woken by calls of ‘mommy I need you’.

When bedtime will just be for ourselves. When there are no calls after lights out asking for another story or cup of milk.

There will be a day when date night will have no curfew. Days will be entirely ours with no need to find another play park or pack another bag of snacks.

There will be a day when our home is not permanently littered with small clothes and lots of toys to trip over. When the furniture will always be clean and the house always tidy. A day when mirrors and windows remain clean and cushions left untouched. The bathroom floor won’t be a slipping hazard from fun times in the bath paying bombs.

There will be a day when no more forts are begged to be made. Snacks to be messed on the floor.

There will be a day when they will no longer fit onto our laps, need piggyback rides or reach to hold our hands. They won’t need us as much but we will need them.

My love, there will be a day when the house is so quiet we can hear a pin drop.

Some days are so hard I want to cry and scream but this season is so short.

There will be a day we will have all the time in the world just for each other, but it’s not today.

So lets savour each moment, capture each memory because soon these days will just be a picture on the wall, a memory in our minds and we will look back with tears in our eyes because it went by too fast.


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