Why do I keep a blog

Why do I keep a blog? To me blogging is about keeping a record for a) myself as I find it therapeutic and writing something down helps me process it, 2) if my stories & experiences can help someone else then I will be most thrilled and 3) so one day Tristan (and another child if we manage that) and his spouse can read about life when he was younger and everything we experienced.

I often ask my mom if she remembers things about me growing up but it was so long ago she’s kinda forgotten and because back then journalling wasn’t popular you didn’t write down your thoughts & feelings like we do now.

Who knows, maybe by the time Tristan wants to read this, blogging could be completely forgotten about but least it will be there for him to read if he wishes.

Yes, writing something down, to me, helps me process what I’m thinking and work through it. It also helps me think about things more and try look at what’s happening or what I’m feeling from another angle. It also keeps things real for me, I have something to look back at to see what I was feeling, doing, weighing, trying, etc through my life. I’ve still got an offline blog I started in November 2013 until July 2017 and I enjoy the fact that I can check up on myself back then. I now wish I hadn’t burnt my journals I kept all the way through high school. I still have 1 that I kept (in a book, how old school? hahahaha) from Jan 2009 until the end of 2011 so I definitely have a tendency to keep a journal and now being a mom it seems even more relevant.


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