Father’s Day 2018

Sunday 17 June marks Father’s Day 2018 and that has got me thinking about fathers; specifically mine and Tristan’s.

My dad was a typical dad I guess, he worked so my mom could stay home and raise my brother and I. He provided for us in every way – we had a wonderful home, happily married parents, we were well educated, we didn’t want for anything (except to own a horse in my case. I was only allowed to lease horses even though he comes from a horse breeding family) and we were incredibly loved. During my school years I remember my dad coming to see school concerts and my many dance shows whenever he could. He would get up early with me on weekends to take me riding or to horse shows. I guess, like every daughter, I had my dad wrapped around my little finger. As I entered early adulthood he was also there to support me through studying and even when I moved overseas he was always there for me; to tell me he loved me, give me a hug, answer any questions I might have and to quietly and gently guide me from the sidelines. He celebrated my wins with me and was there to support & love me through my failures but he never judged me or told me what I was doing was wrong. My dad will always be my hero & my first love and when I got engaged I had to make a shift to make Shaun my number 1 man and dad slipped into second place. I don’t think a parents job is ever done but maybe the load lightens a bit when your child(ren) get married? All I know is I’m incredibly grateful to my dad; he taught me by example what a real man is, how a man should love & care for his family, how a strong marriage should work and that’s why I’ve been blessed to marry Shaun as he emulates my dad in so many ways. Thanks dad; you will never know how much you taught me. You did a fantastic job and I hope I did you proud (all teary over this!).

Shaun stepped so effortlessly into fatherhood; he seemed more of a natural than me at times! Initially he wasn’t quite sure what to do with this tiny bundle, I remember looking at him in the hospital thinking he looked a little awkward and he probably felt like that. I think few first-time dads actually know how to hold a newborn let alone what to do with it but soon Shaun was doing all things with ease & confidence. Tristan is besotted with Shaun; as soon as we are in the car after school he asks about dad, he wants to play with him, he spends plenty time in Shaun’s office with him just playing and being near his dad. The laughs that come from the bath when they are together are just so special and often bring a tear to my eye. Shaun is a wonderful dad; he’s super calm, loves making Tristan laugh (and himself), loves spoiling him and seeing how he’s growing on a daily basis. I can’t wait to see how their relationship grows as Tristan starts to move away from me and more towards dad for sports and boys rough & tumble play time. I am very blessed that Tristan has such a wonderful role model to aspire to!


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