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Why home renovations suck

We are in the third & final phase of our home renovation! If you have been following me for a while you’ll know I really don’t enjoy home renovations. So I have decided to put my thoughts down on paper (so to speak) as to why home renovations suck in case you’re thinking of doing some yourself!

Phase 1 started last year and I wrote about how to survive home renovations while pregnant which was just horrid; we were without 2 bathrooms (we have 3 in the house) for around 8 weeks! Oh what fun that was, said no one ever!

So now I’m no longer pregnant but have a 12 week old baby and although we went away for 2 weeks to avoid the dust from the bathroom being ripped out and prepped for retiling etc, we have returned to a mountain of noise & problems!

Let’s start with the problem…

Lack of tilesTiles, or lack thereof! Before we started the bathroom renovation we had confirmation the tiles would be arriving in Cape Town in the first week of August, this fitted very well with our renovation schedule. Yesterday we were informed that the tiles would now only be landing in South Africa sometime in early October… They are for our scullery, bathroom & new office building. So currently we have enough tiles to do the bare essentials in our bathroom so at least we can shower & bath! The scullery is going to remain untiled until the tiles arrive. So we will install the cupboards in the meantime and will just tile up to the cupboards instead of underneath them as well. The office? We literally can’t wait that long for the tiles so Shaun is having to choose a different tile but as it’s not directly linked to the house it’s not too much of a problem.


It literally gets everywhere! No matter how much masking tape you use to secure the black plastic sheeting, the dust gets through, and it goes everywhere! Sometimes my coffee is a little crunchier than a piece of toast! I’ve basically been living in a dust pool for about a year now!

Noise noise noise

Between the smashing down of the wall into the scullery, the electric concrete mixer in our backyard to the hammering of the nails into the roof trusses the noise is relentless! Luckily Grayson seems to be coping really well with all the noise and happily sleeping through it all. I on the other hand can’t wait for both kids to be in bed just to have complete silence!

So yes, home renovations suck but the end results are so satisfying and definitely enhance our home. But I also can’t wait for them all to be done!

Much love xxx

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