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Brainwashed into wanting a leaner body

When were we (and our mothers) brainwashed into wanting a leaner body? And how do we undo it; not just for ourselves but for future generations?

Why is a woman with a leaner body considered better, prettier, nicer, sexier, friendlier and just generally superior? I know I’m not the only one who has this impression; it’s written about daily by so many women. Think of how Rebel Wilson has suddenly become so much more appealing to the world & movie industry since dropping 20-odd kilograms? She’s just one famous woman that comes to mind at this moment but there are so many more examples.

I know some lean women who aren’t very healthy nor fit. I’ve had leaner friends all the way through life and many of them eat badly and don’t exercise. So lean does not (always) equal healthy!

When we watch tv shows, most of the time the lead female character is leaner than her co-stars. Why?

quick history lesson

If we look back through the decades, it’s only in ‘recent’ years that leaner was the ‘ideal’ or something we all (apparently) needed to aspire to. I’m convinced as young girls growing up the media brainwashed us and our mothers!

Marilyn MonroeIn the 30’s & 40’s a fuller figure was the norm which was followed, in the 50’s & 60’s where the gorgeous Marilyn Monroe showed off her hourglass figure and fuller bust with pride! She was sexy and beautiful and every woman wanted to have her figure. Let’s just be honest here for a moment; I personally think she was beautiful and wish that the hourglass shape & fuller bust had remained as ‘ideal’ because it’s way more appealing to look at than the stick insect (the shape that came later).

Lesley Lawson nee Hornby, aka Twiggy, was born in ’49 and in the 60’s to 90’s the thin body suddenly shot to the top and everyone suddenly needed to change direction and become thin to be considered ideal. (Thanks for that Twiggy; NOT!) Supermodels such as Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss (no we’re not related), Iman and Naomi Campbell (just to name a few) were pinned up on all young girls walls, their pictures were everywhere and we all wanted the thigh gap, exposed collarbones and hip bones. When we tanned our hip bones needed to stick out and our breasts needed to fit neatly into those triangle bikini string tops (if you know you know). Mine never did and if I’m totally honest, although it never really affected me I have always felt it internally.

just accept

White teethSomething I’ve loved about UK television is that the actors look like ‘normal’ people. They have muffin tops, cellulite, stretch marks and everything else. And they are the leading roles and major stars. Turn on any USA tv show and all the cast are ‘perfect’; straight white teeth, lean, perfectly blowdried hair; they honestly don’t seem real at all!

Social media is also full of people who use filters to look leaner, more tanned, less like themselves and, when I come across those people I run in the opposite direction. But social media is also full of women (and men) just being their fully authentic self; stretch marks, tummies, thighs and all and I love those people. The world needs more of them!

f*ck it

So why did I sit down and decide to write this post? I’m exhausted from always counting calories, always feeling like I’m not as good as my leaner counterparts, worrying what people will think of me in a swimming costume, feeling guilty for eating that chocolate once the kids were in bed and every other guilty thought around food!

Guilt – noun – the fact of having a specified or implied offence or crime.

Guilt – verb – make (someone) feel guilty, especially in order to induce them to do something.

How can we apply these words to ourselves around eating? It just seems ludicrous! So join me as I sing, as loud and proud as I can, “This is me” alongside Kaela Settle… this is my most favourite video of the song, enjoy!

Much love xxx



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