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Meal plan: week of 25th April

Do you meal plan? I am trying to because, well it just makes life easier. I can shop online on a Sunday, everything gets delivered on Monday around midday and I can get on with all the other things I have to do.

In the interests of ‘sharing is caring’ here’s our family meal plan for this week:

Meal planMonday: Spaghetti bolognaise. I make a standard bolognaise (onion, bacon, mince, bolognaise sauce) and add a big cup of grated vegetables. Tristan in particular doesn’t like veggies so this way he has no choice but to eat them. Shaun and I add this awesome chilli sauce to ours once we’ve dished up. My top tip is to buy fresh spaghetti; it just tastes so much nicer than dried pasta!

Tuesday: The kids love sausages so am going to try this sausage & vegetable bake while Shaun and I will have chicken, sweet potato mash with sweetcorn salad. This is Shaun’s favourite meal actually!

Wednesday: Homemade green thai chicken curry with rice. To be honest I’m not sure how the kids are going to feel about this one but I have nuggets lined up as backup just in case.

Thursday: Steak pie with sweet potato mash and veggies. Our favourite pies are from M&S but we also love Charlie Bigham’s ones and this meal is always a hit!

We won’t necessarily eat the meals on the allocated days, but knowing I have the week day meals planned is so helpful.

We are trying to make Friday nights fun family evenings so the kids get to choose whatever they want for dinner. We have it delivered, watch telly together and unwind from the week.

Drop a ❤️ in the comments if you’d like me to share more of my weekly meal plans.

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