Busy little bee!

Busy little bee. Today has been a great but relatively busy day for me! Tristan woke, as he seems to be doing every morning these days, at 5am. By 7am we were up and dressed and ready for breakfast. After I dropped him off at school I hit the gym and had a great workout. Just a quick cardio warm up followed by weighted stationary lunges, weighted raised sumo squats, lat pull down and single arm rows. Did 15 reps of each and 3 complete sets. Finished off with some ab work and then stretched. Was home and showered by 9:30am and ready to work. Spent the morning working on various client projects and before I knew it it was 11:45 and time to fetch the small. He fell asleep in the car so straight into his cot when we got home and me back to work. Lunch was super healthy – chicken, rice and broccoli!

After T woke we had to pop to the Dr to check his ears (as he was sick a little while ago) and his ears still looking inflamed so got some meds and then back home to play! Thank heavens for the au pair otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten so much stuff done today!

I also made my (and Tristan’s) favorite protein balls as well as cheese & ham muffins for his dinner!

On a different note, Shaun and I are playing with ideas for Christmas (scary that we have to start planning already) and thinking about a UK break so will look into that more over the coming days / weeks but can’t leave it too long as December is only 4 months away, EEK!!!


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