Consistency is key

Consistency is key. Argh, I know I will start to see results as I string one good day with another and another and another blah blah blah. But it’s so hard because, as far as I’m concerned nothing has changed thus far with my body. I don’t feel a loosening in my clothes and I haven’t seen a change in the scale weight and I was really hoping that now, after over 2 full weeks of #itrainwithclaire I’d feel something. But alas, I must keep pushing forward and it will happen, I just know it!

I did have a great workout this morning though; 30min run/walk (I’m pretty sure I’m running more than walking these days), lat pull down, low seated row and plank jumps (basically in a straight arm plank you jump your legs into your hands, back out and open and repeat). I then did some planking before stretching. Food has also been good today; pre-workout was whey in water then post workout / breakfast was oats made with water,  sprinkled with chia seeds and goji berries. Lunch was 100g chicken, 80g rice and I topped that off with cottage cheese. Snack was an apple and a protein ball. Bleak, all of them are finished, again! Lol Tristan loves them so eats as many as me (1 a day!)

At the 4 week mark I’m going to do proper measurements, weigh myself and take the standard front, side & back photos to compare to the originals. Crossing fingers and toes that there’s improvement!

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