Family life, right here right now

Shaun works incredibly hard & very long hours. What exactly do I mean by long hours? He starts working (he works from home) any time between 9am & 10am and stops working any time between 2am & 4am, no jokes! And, he works most of the weekend. So yes, I do a lot of solo (completely different to single) parenting. Tristan and I spend a lot of time doing things without him and it sucks! It’s hard for me and Tristan misses his dad. This is family life.

Solo parenting is when one parent (in our case me) does 90% of the parenting duties because the other parent is unavailable for whatever reason – usually work. Yes Shaun does a lot when he can – he baths Tristan every single night, he eats dinner with us every night, he’ll pop out for a quick meal with us on weekends and he tries to be available to play with Tristan every evening between 5:30pm and bedtime. He does a lot and family time is super precious to us, so when he’s available during the day we usually spend it alone as a family as it’s not all that common an occurrence.

Mornings; whether it’s a week day, weekend, Mother’s Day, my birthday, etc I wake up with Tristan and spend the morning with him. Getting ready for school, enjoying lazy weekend mornings, going to gym, whatever, it’s just Tristan & I. It’s hard and some mornings I get pissed off but I have gotten used to it now. If I ever want to pop out for a girlie lunch on the weekend or in the evenings Shaun is only too happy to spend quality time with Tristan so I can’t complain. He has literally never (ever) complained or indicated he didn’t want me going out without the 2 of them.

Shaun is busy building a startup business and, although it’s very exciting, it also means he has to work incredibly hard and can’t be available all weekend (like 90% of dads) to switch off from work and focus on us. It sucks but I am incredibly grateful & fortunate to be able to be a stay at home mom who dabbles in work (my own businesses). So I have to suck it up as it won’t be forever. Yes I bitch & moan sometimes but who doesn’t about their situation? I don’t think anyone is ever 100% content 100% of the time with their situation.

You know when I put it all down in words like this I really see just how much Shaun does for Tristan, me and our family. Thank you my love, you’re our rock!


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