Tristan’s birth story

Tristan’s birth story. I think it’s important to capture this because I was very fortunate to have had such a good, actually great, experience when Tristan was born. My wonderful gynae had mentally prepped me very well for what would happen that day. He talked me through everything, ever last detail and timing and it made me feel so at ease & in control (well as much as you can be when having any type of surgery). Something he told me that always stands out in my mind is that, on the day, to the hospital staff, you are just another patient. It’s nothing special for them whereas, for you as the patient, this is a first time experience. It’s all new & terribly exciting for you as the mum & dad but don’t expect the staff to join in in your excitement. So let’s get onto the actual day…

18 December 2015: Shaun & I woke early as we had to be at the hospital by 5:30am as I was scheduled to have the caesarean at 8am. We signed in and completed all our paperwork. We were shown to our room and I was given my gown; we even took a few more pics of just the 2 of us as it was all about to change. I eventually got changed into my designer (ya right) hospital gown and we waited. I hadn’t been allowed to eat since the previous evening so I was really hungry but was told I had to wait until after the operation; not even a glass of water. A nurse arrived to inform us that my gynae was already in theatre with an emergency c-section so I would only go into theatre a little later but the anaesthetist would be there soon to discuss the process with me. She arrived shortly after and we discussed everything; all seemed pretty straightforward and I was relaxed. Gynae popped in quickly once he was out of surgery just to say hi and that he’d see me in theatre as he had to go and get ready for us! Exciting!

It was then that Shaun went off to get into his scrubs; he would meet me in the pre-op room in just a few minutes time. I was then wheeled, on my bed, from the maternity ward to theatre & waited in pre-op (where Shaun joined me) for about 5 minutes. It was then our turn; we were on our way to meet our son (we hadn’t chosen a name yet)! My paed was in the room when we arrived and it was great to see him again (I had done crossfit with him). The mood in theatre was relaxed, calm and friendly. I was just taking it all in and was looking forward to meeting our little boy very soon.

The anaesthetist then said it was time to do the spinal block so I had to sit on the edge of the bed, feet on a chair and curl my back so as to separate the vertebrae in my spine so they could put the needle in. That was a challenge and we had a laugh because of my tummy. Shaun held my hands and it was soon over (just felt a small prick) and I was told to lie down as the feeling would leave the lower half of my body within seconds. I was so nervous (I’m sure everyone feels those nerves) it wouldn’t work that I kept asking my gynae to make sure it had worked. He had a clamp on my leg and I couldn’t feel a thing; success! Yay!

They then put the screen up and my camera was taken by the anaesthetist so she could take photos. Everyone was chatting calmly, my paed was giving me running commentary which was quite fun and Shaun and I were just staring at each other. To be honest I can’t remember how long it took but before long I could feel some pulling (or pushing I’m not sure) and there was a tiny cry and a little head was held over the screen; the face of our precious little boy. He was here; alive, healthy, pink and beautiful! We were parents. It was that quick; probably about 15 minutes from spinal block to parents. Hectic!

Born: 9:02am, 51cm, 3.54kgs.

Tristan (although his name was only decided the next day) was taken to the examination table (I could see him the whole time) and they did his APGAR test and then given to me (I think it was done in that order). He was initially wrapped in a blanket but as soon as I was sewn up and ready to leave (once again not sure of exact timing here but also only about 15 minutes) he was placed on my chest; skin to skin. It was so special. I was in awe of this tiny newborn and Shaun was a bundle of emotions too. We then spent some time in recovery where Tristan and I just lay skin to skin and I got to stare at my baby boy. He was perfect in every way.

So that’s it; that’s how Tristan came into this world. Quickly, comfortably, gently, calmly and for me it was such a great experience too! I could write for ages about what happened after that; learning to breastfeed, caesarean section recovery etc but that’s all for another post.


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