Grayson’s birth story

On Friday, 5 June 2020, Grayson will turn 1 years old. How? I mean I know how, but how did the last 365 days fly by so fast? I have loved every minute of this journey with him; some days & nights have been rough but I would do it all again! That’s not the same response I gave after Tristan was born! In light of this milestone in our lives, here’s a look at Grayson’s birth story. Enjoy!

Note: When I wrote Tristan’s birth story in May 2018, it was 100% clear in my mind, even though it was 1,5 years after his actual birth. Weirdly, Grayson’s seems more hazy, particularly the time I arrived back in my room after theatre and the next 24 hours. 

My ceasar was booked for the afternoon of 5 June 2019 so had to be in hospital by about 10am, I might have even arrived a bit early. I was admitted, unpacked my bags and changed into my hospital gown. I was ready to meet our second little man. They came and fitted a monitor to me so they could monitor Grayson’s heart beat etc, that was a first for me as I hadn’t had that with Tristan.

Shaun was escorted off to get into his scrubs and I was wheeled through to pre-op. The hospital was busy with some upgrades so it was all a little weird as areas were cordoned off. In pre-op the anaesthetist came through and put in my drip line, fok that was sore! Next my gynae arrived and we were off to have this baby! The excitement was real.

The room was cold. It was bright. I remember thinking that this poor baby was going to get such a shock when he entered this world but I would be there waiting to hold him close. The spinal block was done, painlessly, and I was laying down and my gynae started. I recalled him saying before that, as this was my second ceasar it might take a bit longer so was surprised when Grayson was suddenly held above me a few minutes later. He was perfect. Pink, chubby, squishy and all mine! The theatre staff even joked taking bets on his weight, he was a healthy 3,82kgs & 51 cms.

It seemed to take forever for them to sew me back up again

And I kept looking at the clock thinking ‘this is taking ages’ but my gynae & paed kept reassuring me that everything was fine and it was just taking a bit longer to sew me back up due to scar tissue. I was still holding Grayson but was started to get tired, it had been about 45 minutes since he was born and I couldn’t hold him anymore. They took him from me and lay him in a bassinet next to my head. He slept so peacefully.

The next time I checked the clock

Another 20 minutes had passed and, just as I was about to ask if everything was ok, my gynae said I was done and ready to go back to my room. Grayson was put back into my arms and Shaun and I were taken back, directly to my room. And my gynae accompanied me the whole way. I didn’t think anything of it at the time.

Note: you are usually taken to a recovery room for about 1 hour after the birth and your gynae visits you in your room later.

It was blissfull

Grayson fed, slept, snuggled and was just the cutest muchkin ever. My folks arrived with Tristan and the moment he saw his baby brother was just the sweetest.

Thereafter I get a little muddled in my head. I can’t remember exactly what happened nor the order of things, but my gynae came to check up on us and told me that there had been quite a severe complication during the birth. Long story short, but once Grayson was out and he was removing the placenta and getting ready to start sewing me back up, he realised I had  placenta accreta. My placenta had grown through my uterine wall and attached to the muscles outside. Due to his skills and experience he was able to remove the placenta and save my uterus! It’s quite rare and not something he would have picked up in check ups because he wasn’t looking for it.

Blood transfusion

The staff monitored me very closely that night, there was great concern I’d need a blood transfusion, but luckily I was able to cope without one. Phew!

24 hours later

Those first 24 hours are my worst. You’re stuck in your bed and the nurses check on you all the time so you don’t get much sleep. But at the same time I had my gorgeous Grayson to stare at, feed & snuggle with.

My paed arrived the next morning to check on Grayson, we got chatting about my placenta accreta. I am very fortunate I have the gynae I do and that I hadn’t gone natural. The story might not have ended happily…

Hospital stay

The rest of my hospital stay passed uneventfully. Mr M & Tristan visited us daily with my folks popping in whenever they could. They all loved the snuggles with our newest addition to the tribe.

After my required 3 nights’ stay it was time to go home and start settling into life as a family of 4.

I wish I’d asked for more photos to be taken of Grayson’s birth but that’s the only thing. Everything else was just as I had hoped.

Much love xxx

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