Having a third baby

Having a third baby

Having a third baby has pros & cons. It’s weird I’m even writing this blog because, after Tristan I wasn’t ever going to have a 2nd child and now look at me!

Note: do NOT judge me. I wrote this as a way for me to process my thoughts & feelings on having a third baby. If you have nothing nice to say, rather don’t say anything at all please.

Ok, now that I’ve put that out there I guess I need to get on with actually working through all the thoughts in my head. These are purely from my points of view and I (hope) I’d never judge your decisions so your feelings could be totally different to mine and that’s 100% good & fine.

Having a third baby

Pro’s of having a third baby

  1. Being pregnant again (I love being pregnant and have easy pregnancies)
  2. All the newborn snuggles, cuddles, smells, kisses & loves
  3. The newborn (read sleepless night) are such a short period in the greater scheme of things
  4. I’d love to have a bigger family

Cons of having a third baby

  1. My patience is wearing thinner as I age
  2. I have already had 2 healthy pregnancies and 2 healthy babies; why tempt fate
  3. I’m getting older. By the time I am able to have this baby I will be close to 42 possibly even 43
  4. I’m a boy mom; I don’t think I’d cope very well having a little girl thrown into the mix (and there’s always a 50/50 chance!)
  5. Having 3 kids will throw the balance off; 2’s company 3’s a crowd!!
  6. I will be 54 when Tristan turns 18, 57 when Grayson turns 18. Having a third baby will make me around 60 when it turns 18! I actually can’t! It’s too old! I was 16 at my dad’s 50th, and just 6 at his 40th. I was 11 at my mom’s 40th. Tristan and Grayson were 4 years & 10 months respectively.

My 2 boysWhen I look at pictures of others with newborn babies I think it’s absolutely precious and I’m not broody; but when I think of myself snuggling my own newborn I could do it all again. However I honestly feel NOT having a third baby is the right choice for us. I want Mr M & I to start enjoying our life together; doing things that we love, traveling and sleeping through the night more.

Am I the only crazy who write’s pros & cons lists for pretty much any big decision in my life? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Much love xxx

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