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Social media likesInstagram… actually social media in general is weird. Who’s with me? No one? Ok read a little more and you can decide at the end of this post.

We follow, like and comment on photos posted by people that, most of the time, we don’t even know! Why are we so interested in other people’s lives and opinions? What is it about getting lots of <3 that makes us feel worthy, validated, proud or whatever it does to each of our ego’s?

Why do I post on Instagram?

Right in the beginning I honestly didn’t understand Instagram at all (this was over 8 years ago) so used to just post pictures with no text nor hashtags. Then, as I learn more, I wanted to capture my journey as a sort of notebook which then grew to wanting to share my experiences in the hope it might help someone else (hello blog!)

Through lockdown 2020, Instagram became a lifeline to other moms. We made crazy video’s, shared homeschooling ideas and tips and were able to connect on a deeper level as we were all stuck at home with our kids.

Today I find myself stuck in a weird space. Some days I think the whole social media thing is just crazy and stupid and consider hiding my account. Other days I want to share everything (sometimes multiple posts a day) and become the account I regularly dream of. An account people follow because they know they will get raw, honest and unfiltered stories of motherhood and life after 40. From weight to lifestyle, family to life events and everything in between. I want new moms to be able to get a real glimpse into motherhood, not this sunshine & roses ideal it’s made out to be. Being a mom is tough but I love it at the same time. I struggled with severe postnatal depression with Tristan but have had a totally different and amazing experience with Grayson.


For me, being an influencer is not about getting free stuff. Being an Instagram influencer means sharing ideas, products, places, experiences, etc that I truly believe in. Influencer is also such a strong word because it feels like the person has total control over how others view products, services, etc.

I have made some amazing friends thanks to the Gram; I’d never have met these phenomenal women if it weren’t for Instagram. So it definitely has it’s uses. But, having said all that, I still find it a bit weird!

Will I leave the Gram? I doubt it. We are due to emigrate later this year and I hope to be able to, once again, meet some fabulous moms through the platform. So now, having read the post, how do you feel about social media?

Much love xxx


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