I want a job

I left formal employment in Feb 2013. I got engaged in the June or July and married in March 2014. When I returned from our honeymoon I set up & started working on Southey Travel whilst at the same time planning the move to our current home. In 2015 we fell pregnant with Tristan so although I was working on Southey Travel I took the time to enjoy being pregnant which included long afternoon naps, every day! Then I had Tristan and my PND took hold and I didn’t have headspace or much actual free time to do much on the business. But to be honest it’s ticked along quite happily through all this but now I want a job.

Today as I’m sitting here I realize I don’t have much going on in my life except being a mom & housewife. My days consist of getting Tristan up & ready for school, once he’s at school I usually go to gym, do the dishes (when domestic not here), grocery shopping and writing my blog. Then I fetch Tristan and we play until it’s time to start cooking dinner around 5:30pm. Oh the exciting life I lead!

I just feel that I need more of a purpose, a reason to get up and going every day. Something that’s for me, something that keeps me mentally awake. Yes I have Southey Travel but at most I do about 1 – 2 hours of work a week on that. Sometimes more if I have lots of quotes or client prep to do, but on the whole I have a lot of spare time and I’d really like to fill it with something purposeful.

I’m still undecided about whether or not I’m starting clomid tomorrow but either way, whether I fall pregnant this month or any month ahead of us, I still have time on my hands and I would still like to do something.

What kind of job do I want? Ok lets just be real here for a minute, I am not about to apply for an office based position or even one that demands I am working between set hours every day. I need flexibility and I am not willing to compromise on that. Basically I have about 3 – 4 hours each day that I can work. I love admin; I’ve been a PA before and all my roles have required strong admin at the core so that’s what I’m hunting for. I have applied for 1 position on Recruit My Mom and I’ve applied to a company called Oursourcery for a virtual assistant position. Fingers crossed I hear from 1 (ideally both) of these applications soon!

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